Thursday, August 16, 2007

Hi: an Introduction and an Explanation

My name is Sally. I am fortunate because I live in a single family home on a bucolic tree-lined street in West Los Angeles – owned by my partner, Chip. For those who aren’t living in Southern California or any other region of the country with an inflated housing market, having a home to live in (and to own as an investment) in Los Angeles is a coveted, highly revered and envy-inducing thing. Home ownership in L.A. is a thing that well-earning professionals strive for and sometimes never achieve. We too would be one of these house-less couples if it were not for Chip’s generous family. With that said, we have a home to upkeep and now, it all needs updating. Long story short, we’re doing major renovations and we can’t live in the house while the roof is off and the walls become Swiss cheese. We need a place to live for one year.

Enter Park LaBrea: The West coast’s canonical, most famously analyzed and well-documented planned community, right in the heart of Hollywood. What architecture and urbanism connoisseur wouldn’t jump at the chance to live in tinsel town’s own rendition of Corbusier’s utopian plan? Well, most wouldn't jump probably. But I’m game. I am an architect and urban designer at a firm in L.A., Chip is in the movie business and is a professor of the media arts at a University in the area. We’re both from L.A. and know the city well, having lived in various areas of it including Silverlake, Hollywood, West Hollywood, Pasadena, Venice, Mount Washington. We also have strong opinions and worries regarding L.A.’s future, but we ultimately feel very tied to the city and nostalgic about it at the same time. So please check back periodically to see how we’re doing. We’re putting ourselves under the microscope for you urban database! And we’re looking forward to spending ONE YEAR ON THE INSIDE with you.

Wish us luck, Sally and Chip

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