Wednesday, November 7, 2007

The Sofa and the Elevator

The movers came today to deliver our beautiful new sofa from Ikea. And it didn’t fit in the elevator. And we live on the 12th floor.

Needless to say, the movers said no thanks to the stairwell and its 12 flights of stairs. I find it very hard to believe that not one resident in 60 years of its existence, in any of the 18 towers has furnished their apartment with a 7-foot-long couch. No one? You’ve got to be kidding me. Chip says we will go back to Ikea and get a shorter one. I still think there’s a way we could’ve gotten it up to the 12th floor. The movers are on Chip’s side too.


Arjun J said...

Didn't they warn you about the elevator sizes during the orientation?

Mrs. Rowe said...

My parents moved in 35 yrs ago, and had their 9ft sofa lowered by rope from the roof, into their 7th floor apt. When it was taken out recently, PLB had to use a chain saw to cut it in to "manageable" pieces to get it into the eleveator.